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Meet Our Instructor

Meet Our Instructor

Meet Our Instructor

Morris Jones Jr, PGA Associate
Head Golf Professional

Morris Jones Jr., affectionately known as Coach Mōjō |  Head Golf Professional | Nashville National Golf Links.

Coach Mōjō’s teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in passion for coaching bringing enthusiasm, positivity, and humor to a game that sometimes requires all three. Driven by an unwavering commitment to golf education and a relentless pursuit of excellence, every lesson is infused with a determination to elevate the game. Through innovative instruction and tailored training programs encompassing TPI, golf psychology, and course management, he strives to deliver tangible results. Check out Coach Mōjō if you are looking to elevate your game!

Credentials: Level 1 TPI Certified, Certified Product Specialist Srixon/Cleveland Club Fitter

How can you book with him?
Call or text the number below or shoot him an email.
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Coach Mojo has taken my game to a new level in just 3 short months. I am swinging the club much better and have more confidence when I step over a golf ball. I plan to continue to work with him until I break 80.

-Andre K.

Coach Mojo is for the beginners and the low handicappers. Instead of forcing swing thoughts on you, he finds what works and hammers on that. His patience and poise keeps you calm and swinging well. I cannot recommend him more.

-Ken S.